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Celestial conflict caused you to lose your powers. Once the Angel of Death, you must now start from scratch and go through the ever changing dungeons of Nefarium in order to avenge your past. Will you rise up and reclaim your wings, or fall and be forgotten? 

Explore the Floors of Nefarium

The dungeons of Nefarium change each time, introducing variety in how you will get to the end. Difficulty rises with each completed floor as vengeful monsters start to get stronger. Do you have what it takes to go further than you ever have, over and over again?

Destroy Your Enemies

Everything in the dungeon wants a piece of you, especially the boss awaiting you at the end of a floor. Imbue your blades and don't keep them waiting any longer.

Collect Souls, Items, and Materials

Kill your enemies, collect their souls, unlock powerful abilities. Use materials to upgrade your equipment and show who the real boss of Nefarium is.

Wield Strong and Unique Weapons

Upgrade your items with the materials you acquire from the dungeons. Don't rely on randomized stats to get stronger than ever.

Define Your Own Playstyle

Don't rely on a randomized item drop in order to get what you want. Craft it and enchant it further to assist you in your travels.

Prepare Your Arsenal

You are equipped with a variety of abilities and items, it is all up to you to realize the true potential of them all.

Corruption Is Your Ally

Harmful to the world, you harness Corruption around you in order to show your celestial prowess, causing you to perform extraordinary feats of combat.


As Nefarium is early in development, it is missing tons of features that will make the game more complex eventually. You can find a list of all the things that are either in development or are planned below.

  • Way more items with unique properties!
  • Way more abilities and passives!
  • Increased variety in monsters and bosses, as well as mini-bosses
  • Increased variety in dungeon obstacles, such as traps or locked doors
  • An Enchanter to enchant items with specific properties
  • Appearance changer
  • More and better sound effects
  • Music
  • A storyline and lore
  • An Endurance Mode where you will be able to start from the very bottom and see just how far you can go without dying.
  • Better animations overall
  • More "game feel"
  • More player options to make the experience of every individual more unique

If you'd like to help with the development of Nefarium and keep up to date with its progress, don't forget to add it to your Wishlist on Steam or follow here!


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